Dr. Aine Sweeney

Dr. Aine Sweeney
Dr. Aine Sweeney
549 Frederick Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
(831) 458-1218

I am an unusual chiropractor in that I use a technique called Directional Non Force Technique (or DNFT for short!) This technique is very gentle yet very effective. It uses the body’s nervous system to find the problem in the body and again uses the nervous system to make changes. Therefore it is a thumb thrust to make the correction! I spend between 1/2 hr to 40 minutes (depending upon what is needed) on each visit (the first visit you would need to dedicate about 1 hour) In this technique we pride ourselves to using the fewest visits possible to make a change in symptoms!

I enjoy working with folks and being the “detective of the body”. I enjoy a challenge and working to find answers to health issues that have been causing problems and you have been unable to find an answer, I also enjoy working with folks that have acute back, jaw pain, hip pain, neck pain (pain anywhere that might be compromising you such as your toes, fingers, or wrists) or if someone is experiencing numbness or tingling this is all helpful signs for me. Even low back or neck pain always have a mysterious component! They are all part of the investigation and enjoyment (not to say any health problems are “fun!” The process of discovering the cause is my forte!

My ideal client is anyone with a health issue that is unresolved or anyone experiencing any discomfort.

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