Golden Chiropractic

Goldi Jacques-Maynes
Golden Chiropractic
9053 Soquel Drive Aptos, CA 95003

Chiropractic clinic and massage. At Golden Chiropractic we believe that to perform at your best, no matter what you do, you need to feel good. We’re here to make sure you take care of yourself so you’re able to take care of the things that matter to you.

When your body is not operating as it should or when you are in pain, you can’t bring your best to your life. Everyone can benefit from holistic chiropractic care. Parents who take care of themselves benefit their children with positive energy and presence. Athletes perform better when their bodies react, respond and move as they should. When injuries are treated early, young athletes will live with healthier joints, avoiding degenerative changes later in life. Whoever you are, and whatever your priorities, life is happening. We want you to enjoy it by feeling your best.

At Golden Chiropractic our motto is, “Get Out of Pain and Back Into Life.” Getting back into life means different things for different people. For me it means being there for my family, enjoying physical activities outdoors, and giving my patients the best care possible. I like seeing happy families. I believe that when mom and dad are out of pain, the whole family is happier. My own family is important to me, so I really try to take care of myself. I want to be happy and healthy for my family and with my family. As a chiropractor, finding balance in a profession where you give, and give and give is important. And as a mother, it’s crucial to the well-being of my children.

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