Valentino Coaching

Janette Valentino
Professional Certified Coach
Valentino Coaching
1509 Seabright Avenue, Suite 1A
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

We all came with our natural gifts but our world takes these away and most of us buy into this ourselves. This usually begins early on in our lives – with all of those outside influences and not a strong enough inner compass. When we’re not embracing our gifts and all the parts of ourselves, we are fragmented – which means we feel split, confused, unworthy, exhausted and/or unfulfilled.

The work I do and the products I created allow clients to reclaim all the parts of themselves so they own them and are empowered in them. As clients tap into the power of their moods, their emotions, their authentic selves, they can have less stress, do better at work, relate to the world differently and get whatever you want, both personally & professionally.

Perfect clients for me are women who are ready to stop trying to ‘do it all’ to ‘have it all’. They are ready for a new paradigm – to step into being fuller versions of themselves and be it all so that they can, then, have it all.

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Valentino Coaching